Monday, August 3, 2015

Some care enough to see

Let me write your lyric on the thought of a hesitant wake that shakes and rattles the sand beneath your body lying, sinking, swimming on each grain of wheat, you're glued to the beat of the fields that bare us all and if they fall so do the ones that we call the wrong, the non blond and shapes of a song called hope, they reap what we sow, but what do we know in all that can be known, without a life that can't be broke, just another one of the jokes of the gods, but do they listen or are they gone, who have they wronged and when will we cary on what they could not finish, or did they begin it, in all the creation we didn't spin it in our own favor, we created slave labor for our lords and now that we're bored we stand out, we shout for the pride of our brothers and sisters who carried our burdens for too long, it was wrong, it is time to bring mine and your's as one, we are done and what's past will be no one's. End of thought.

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