Monday, April 28, 2014

Pull me out of the past

The broken beat has spilled and drained the years of life all lost in age and waiting for the break of thought's persistent weight.

But still the change is less foreseen than planned escape to see the new and now we left in failing taste, a hope for being separate in the blame.

And when we run from life in arms we're looking back as time moves on. A blind beginning we will stake a claim in fear of passing through the shame.

I'm one, I'm over feeling hate. An open chest inviting few. The brave and understanding know to patch the torn and wasted blue.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A sappy broken heart post

My heart shivers because it has lost heat. It is frantically searching for what went missing. It asks the brain for answers. It tries to live in empty spaces where memories once were, but only the images are left behind, no one to hold on to. My heart is an empty room waiting for a lover who will never come home. Afraid to open the window and let out the stale air. Afraid to let another visit and stay a while. My heart forgets to breathe. It is weak, filled with cracks from the dry spell of emotions. My heart needs to run free. My heart needs to let go.