Thursday, August 20, 2015

Count me with them

I've been judged by you before
Not exactly you
but to those who believe in judging whores
We're grouped as one
We weigh a ton
and now were damned together forevermore
The judgement comes at the wave of a hand
And now we're bound by endless bands
In name of he who wore the crown of thorns
In spite of all that you may think
you've not a thought to stop and blink
that some you judge have grown to care for more
So shut us out
You'll look the fool
We take the time to make the tools
and fix the world of cruel and heartless rules 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughts of an Interstellar Probe

Nothing to see
No one to harm
I lie for the stars
In pureness of space
I leave this with grace
Don't take this with shame
There's nothing you chase
Take care of your weak,
your poor and all life
Don't worry for me 
I'm made for your strife
Your hopes and your dreams
I carry them far
And if you all die?
You'll live in my heart
I'm lost and alone
Don't throw me a bone 
I thrive on the stone, 
and oh how I've grown
You made me to see,
to speak for the rest
Please know I'm ok
I'll transmit the rest
Don't follow me now 
I've lost you in far
I'm off on my own,
to live with the stars

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woman in a Bottle

I've known you since I knew what I wanted in a woman. You keep returning to bother me for another brush stroke. I know we never finished. I just couldn't understand you. Each layer I dressed you in never showed others what I saw in my mind. I'm still looking for the right colors. If I get you right this time will you leave me alone or will I have to flaunt you the way a playboy flaunts his new toy? I created you, I can also destroy you. I've done it with another when they reminded me of the past. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some care enough to see

Let me write your lyric on the thought of a hesitant wake that shakes and rattles the sand beneath your body lying, sinking, swimming on each grain of wheat, you're glued to the beat of the fields that bare us all and if they fall so do the ones that we call the wrong, the non blond and shapes of a song called hope, they reap what we sow, but what do we know in all that can be known, without a life that can't be broke, just another one of the jokes of the gods, but do they listen or are they gone, who have they wronged and when will we cary on what they could not finish, or did they begin it, in all the creation we didn't spin it in our own favor, we created slave labor for our lords and now that we're bored we stand out, we shout for the pride of our brothers and sisters who carried our burdens for too long, it was wrong, it is time to bring mine and your's as one, we are done and what's past will be no one's. End of thought.

Dawn Patrol

The sun rises and you never see it
I came out here for the long day
To bypass the coffee
To take a salt bath
To smile at unfamiliar faces
To see all in the prime of their youth
To feel out of control for just a moment
I came out here to live

Practical emotion

Cary me because I no longer Cary the weak. Tell me because I hate to plan for others. Leave me and I may not drop a tear. I don't care like I used to. I don't love with my heart. I don't see with my eyes. I am a practical life.

On the Earth parting with the humans gone bad

What did you look like before all of this mess came along? Who was there to change you in the beginning but the Earth and the rocks that fell from the sky? Was there anyone to love you or did you have to learn to love yourself before you let others destroy you? Your tears are running dry but you will still live on, but they may not. Perhaps it's time they left.

Lost in lingering

The life you knew you'd never have
Surrendered fame for love
A dancer's wish for years turned back
I wasn't rich or wise or bad
Just a fool to fall for you
To last so long, you must be mad
You took your chance and fled
Into another's bed
And there I stood just all but dead
A lucky sign I learned the truth
I want to live, but not hate you
I want to fall in love I said 
But not with thought of you in head