Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Fractured Empathetic

When you're alone you are a lonesome wreck unseen
The Silence in you breaks a leg,
you stand on edge
Another's help, you push and fall on your own words
A covered room you hide in 
desperate hope, undead

You want to breathe
Exhale instead 
The mirror in you
The memories bend
You see what they all think
No love for you to send
A false shade of your dreams
The one thing you attempt to mend

A life along the day is filled with worried eyes
They smile at you, grimace
as they walk astray
You keep your chin down in the fear of catching wind
In desperate hoping
that the past will fade away

Invoke your hope
you take a chance
Expression speaks
Extend your hands
You feel what they all feel
Confused in open blame
Their love for you is real
In time they'll call your trusted name

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