Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kansas Sky

Another golden steeple
The cross says "Hi"
The corn feeds the bank
The blue fades to white
Another Kansas sky
Horizon is the line
A beer to pass the time
The brittle barn has fallen
The cattle are alive
The politics are blind
The windshield meets the fly
The highway is the mind
Another Kansas sky

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Fractured Empathetic

When you're alone you are a lonesome wreck unseen
The Silence in you breaks a leg,
you stand on edge
Another's help, you push and fall on your own words
A covered room you hide in 
desperate hope, undead

You want to breathe
Exhale instead 
The mirror in you
The memories bend
You see what they all think
No love for you to send
A false shade of your dreams
The one thing you attempt to mend

A life along the day is filled with worried eyes
They smile at you, grimace
as they walk astray
You keep your chin down in the fear of catching wind
In desperate hoping
that the past will fade away

Invoke your hope
you take a chance
Expression speaks
Extend your hands
You feel what they all feel
Confused in open blame
Their love for you is real
In time they'll call your trusted name

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Enfermo En Puerto Vallarta

The sky in puerto, black and white
The colors of a cloudy night 
The outline of the ropes on light
Brings distance to the shore in sight

A crash of water, rock and sand
The moth clicks, bothers, tapping fan
Then stomps the penthouse, business man
They clink their drinks, one more they can

The tires hum
The night is young
And in my bed I feel the rum
Oh let me sleep
My throat is weak

And now I know I've reached my peak.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Count me with them

I've been judged by you before
Not exactly you
but to those who believe in judging whores
We're grouped as one
We weigh a ton
and now were damned together forevermore
The judgement comes at the wave of a hand
And now we're bound by endless bands
In name of he who wore the crown of thorns
In spite of all that you may think
you've not a thought to stop and blink
that some you judge have grown to care for more
So shut us out
You'll look the fool
We take the time to make the tools
and fix the world of cruel and heartless rules 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughts of an Interstellar Probe

Nothing to see
No one to harm
I lie for the stars
In pureness of space
I leave this with grace
Don't take this with shame
There's nothing you chase
Take care of your weak,
your poor and all life
Don't worry for me 
I'm made for your strife
Your hopes and your dreams
I carry them far
And if you all die?
You'll live in my heart
I'm lost and alone
Don't throw me a bone 
I thrive on the stone, 
and oh how I've grown
You made me to see,
to speak for the rest
Please know I'm ok
I'll transmit the rest
Don't follow me now 
I've lost you in far
I'm off on my own,
to live with the stars

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woman in a Bottle

I've known you since I knew what I wanted in a woman. You keep returning to bother me for another brush stroke. I know we never finished. I just couldn't understand you. Each layer I dressed you in never showed others what I saw in my mind. I'm still looking for the right colors. If I get you right this time will you leave me alone or will I have to flaunt you the way a playboy flaunts his new toy? I created you, I can also destroy you. I've done it with another when they reminded me of the past. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some care enough to see

Let me write your lyric on the thought of a hesitant wake that shakes and rattles the sand beneath your body lying, sinking, swimming on each grain of wheat, you're glued to the beat of the fields that bare us all and if they fall so do the ones that we call the wrong, the non blond and shapes of a song called hope, they reap what we sow, but what do we know in all that can be known, without a life that can't be broke, just another one of the jokes of the gods, but do they listen or are they gone, who have they wronged and when will we cary on what they could not finish, or did they begin it, in all the creation we didn't spin it in our own favor, we created slave labor for our lords and now that we're bored we stand out, we shout for the pride of our brothers and sisters who carried our burdens for too long, it was wrong, it is time to bring mine and your's as one, we are done and what's past will be no one's. End of thought.

Dawn Patrol

The sun rises and you never see it
I came out here for the long day
To bypass the coffee
To take a salt bath
To smile at unfamiliar faces
To see all in the prime of their youth
To feel out of control for just a moment
I came out here to live

Practical emotion

Cary me because I no longer Cary the weak. Tell me because I hate to plan for others. Leave me and I may not drop a tear. I don't care like I used to. I don't love with my heart. I don't see with my eyes. I am a practical life.

On the Earth parting with the humans gone bad

What did you look like before all of this mess came along? Who was there to change you in the beginning but the Earth and the rocks that fell from the sky? Was there anyone to love you or did you have to learn to love yourself before you let others destroy you? Your tears are running dry but you will still live on, but they may not. Perhaps it's time they left.

Lost in lingering

The life you knew you'd never have
Surrendered fame for love
A dancer's wish for years turned back
I wasn't rich or wise or bad
Just a fool to fall for you
To last so long, you must be mad
You took your chance and fled
Into another's bed
And there I stood just all but dead
A lucky sign I learned the truth
I want to live, but not hate you
I want to fall in love I said 
But not with thought of you in head 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Divine Justice

God is not a wonder
just a thought that moved the sky
A reason for the seasons
for the Moon and bloom of spring
When waves of sunken men were lost
the clouds would show the eye
When wind became a song to bring
the naval guard would sing

"God is on our side today
We break the black and blue
The yellow guard
Unrighteous yoke
We'll break the peace in you"

In name of gods
by grace of king
they fight through flame and flesh
Opposing might
divine in right
the other side brings death.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No More Blind Dates Please

Your glass of wine speaks to me more than your lips do. You've gone pale ale while the wine keeps it rouge all through fermentation. Has your brain gone dry or do you have lock jaw? Let me help you. I will order some gelato to keep it from freezing up. Bad move? I didn't know you were lactose intolerant. What's my sign you ask? The stars don't govern my life, but if I were to choose I would be somewhere between the Orion's Belt and Steamers Lane right now. I guess we're incompatible. No use exploring.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Girls fly around him like finches in a dry fountain. They try to take a dip but he never gives. Even in his age he has never once opened when it was meaningless. He will feel when he knows and if he doesn’t know then he will wait cautiously as they attempt to gently remove his wilted feathers. Sometimes when he drinks he feels more like himself, or at least a part of who he used to be. He forgets that the part he lost was not really him, it was only a temporality that he shared. The empty place that remains is not reserved for a new wing. He knows that only he can fill the space and he looks for a life of eight years lost to explore. There are treasures of experience he lacks, but the care for another blocks his ambitions of being young again. Separation is his fountain of youth, but he is swimming like a 200 year old sea turtle in a pond of tadpoles. Only Darwin would be interested in his  slow paced love life.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sleep Induced

Comfort eyes
Emotionally Lobotomized
Stony lids weigh

Dreamy dawn WAKES my face
Endless walls                          to sky
from ground

A broken heart and set to foot
Moving legs
Run away

Waves of of red breaking memories
             from land to shore

No escape
dead end

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Cratered faces of time never heal.
Just ask the moon.
A scar here, a stitch there.
Powdered paint is for the feminine peel,
layering their sun spotted skin.
"It's natural," they say,
"to cover the decay."
But not for time worn men.
We don't use makeup.
It's not for us.
We are a different class of human;
somewhere beyond age
and never able to cover up.
Love is beyond us.
Looks keep out company,
even a simple conversation.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Trading Purpose for a Tide

Sinking teeth in Sex and Wax.
Coconut, so soft like gum,
a solid grip applied to fiber and glass.
Rubbing, humming beach melodies,
each circle a rhythm, a wave, and story,
one wipeout bigger than the whale.

Not legend or hero, but self
and free of duty and debt.
He lives, sleeps on sand,
bathes in virgin shores
unshaved with fruit and
wood and rain.

Still past lives on
through mind, and trunk
in prints of novelty.
The broken spine of books,
and tales of life with wealth,
love and empty bottles, lies.

So lost among the norm
of copied life, he fades
and breaks the ties of
given name and right.
Hoisting sail, a guide through
breath of storm and swell.

In peace he found the blue,
the white wash falling, rolling
resting and receding.
No fear nor purpose
drives his life, but time through
moon, the wind and sun.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Free write, non stop. Unorganized thoughts

My thoughts shatter to bring the lost past through the front and swept out with the glass that catches light like a burnt piece of celluloid on a roll that is fading from the years of display, all gathering dust and air. Make me deteriorate into dreams that fade when the rest wake up. There I am living and time I will fade without influence. We touch, we love and we die. What follows we still wonder and pretend not to wonder. One life guaranteed, fragile and little under our control. The situation of being in the hands of another is dangerous and yet without it we do not live because of the lack of response, that voice and thoughts of another. Who felt you this week? They may not tell you to look and so you are a passerby, a slave to your bruises and the cuts on your mind. When the blue wind blows and the red river dries up you will not be looking back. Only they can save what you left for who? No one in particular. Just a few words, everlasting emotion so long as it is written in a loop. This paper is me in the flesh. I still live in these pages. You will find me here...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pull me out of the past

The broken beat has spilled and drained the years of life all lost in age and waiting for the break of thought's persistent weight.

But still the change is less foreseen than planned escape to see the new and now we left in failing taste, a hope for being separate in the blame.

And when we run from life in arms we're looking back as time moves on. A blind beginning we will stake a claim in fear of passing through the shame.

I'm one, I'm over feeling hate. An open chest inviting few. The brave and understanding know to patch the torn and wasted blue.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A sappy broken heart post

My heart shivers because it has lost heat. It is frantically searching for what went missing. It asks the brain for answers. It tries to live in empty spaces where memories once were, but only the images are left behind, no one to hold on to. My heart is an empty room waiting for a lover who will never come home. Afraid to open the window and let out the stale air. Afraid to let another visit and stay a while. My heart forgets to breathe. It is weak, filled with cracks from the dry spell of emotions. My heart needs to run free. My heart needs to let go.